Leaded Gasoline in Kenya
by Daniel Atz

The Golden Scam
by Daniel Banas
Neuropathy of Lead
by Krishna Bharani

The Healing Properties of Silver
by Archana Bokka
Governmental Regulation of Lead
by Rachel Brandt
Lead Poisoning and Crime
by Megan Brophy

Lead in Mexican Craftworks
by Lilliana Castro 3rd Place
Lead and the Franklin Expedition
by Kerry Conway
Lead-Acid Batteries1 part2
by Katie Drews

Death by Cider: The Devonshire Colic
by Richard Elliot 2nd Place
Lead: An Accomplice to Crime
by Allie Grimaud
Lead in Architecture
by Nehaa Haneef

Lead Contaminated Superfund Sites
by Samuel Johnson
Bad to the Bone: Skeletal Lead
by Caroline Kielczewski
Preventing Occupational Lead Exposure
by Cassidy Kist

The Madness ? of Van Gogh
by Kari Kronsbein
Remediating the Remedy: Dangers of Lead in Folk Medicine
by Michelle Leahy
Lead in Folk Medicine: A Cure Worse Than the Ailment
by Richard Linchango

Lead as Poison
by Maria Novak
Global North vs Global South: Lead Poisoning Prevention in U.S. and India
by Corey Portrell
Beauty Requires Sacrifice
by Jane Primazova 1st Place

Children Beware: Lead in Glazes and Pigments
by Zara Rashid
Lead Based Paint in Your Home
by Aleccia Riccio
Lead Exposure and Juvenile Deliquency
by Maree Stewart

The Value of Lead: Futures Markets in S. E. Asia
by Bryan Tippet
Lead Chelation Therapy: For Better or for Worse
by Laura Williams


Fall 2008 Honor's 204 Science and Society Poster Session
Honors 204 consisted of sophomores majoring in theatre, poly sci, economics, English, philosophy, journalism, etc. plus a few biochemistry and biology majors. Their major product for the semester was a judged poster session.