1. General Chemistry I&II
Dr. Fitch particularly enjoys teaching of the introductory Chemistry sequence. For introductory General Chemistry Dr. Fitch built a series of power point lectures which take as the basic theme "It's All About Charge". Within each topical area she presents some perspective on lead. The goal is to have students recognize that a two semester sequence in introductory chemistry gives them some appropriate tools to think about the science basis of policy decisions

2. Instrumental Methods of Analysis (aka) "The Lead Lab"
American Chemical Society Division of Analytical Chemistry Award for Excellence in Education, 2007 for pioneering single analyte lab on lead with Community Based Soil Lead Analysis

3. Electrochemistry
Dr. Fitch has developed class material which bridges the gap between purely analytical and purely physical approached to electrochemistry. This course is her main claim to being an analytical chemist.

4. Lead and Humanity: Science and Society
Interdisciplinary (Chemistry, History, Nursing, Environmental Sciences) class examines 5000 years of lead art, history, sociology, chemistry and technology. Text developed by A. Fitch

5. Chicago Ecology
Class developed for the Environmental Studies progam - examines Chicago holistically as a geographic place with a several natural ecologies and specific environmental issues.

6. Environmental, Ecology, and Ethics in East Africa
Class developed as a counter part to Chicago Ecology and taught in conjunction with faculty at Kenya Methodist University.