The Fitch group has been exploring combining undergraduate course work in instrumental analysis with community derived samples to incorporate service learning into the classroom.  The goals are several. 1. One goal is to provide a true analytic experience which transcends instrumentation calibration, and moves into problem based learning: which instrument and why?  2.  Students are required to face the question: how do I know?, as there is no jar sitting in the closet which gives the right answer.  3.  Students confront the difference between public and private science allowing ethics to be built into the class both implicitly and explicitly.  4.  Science is seen within it?s larger societal context. 5.  Collaborative groups, particularly, elementary school children are given an opportunity to participate in meaningful science.  6.  Public health concerns are addressed



Community Partners                                  

Elementary/University Collaboration Fall 2000
Pullman Sherwin Williams Site Fall 2001


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