Research in this group in the past has focussed on lead as a tracer for archaeological migration of human populations and Structure/Function effects of lead chelation as a means to rational design of lead sensing devices.

Sublime Lead: History of Lead and Humanity

Lead has been used by humanity for 5000 years, and as such has a long allegorical, social, chemical, and environmental history.  The image to the right reflects ancient understanding of lead as symbolized by the planet/god saturn. To read the text "Sublime Lead" covering those 5,000 years click above. Materials developed have been used for a variety of interdisciplinary and chemistry classes.

Lead Lab: Instrumental analysis with one Analyte

This class for upper level chemistry students teaches analytical problem solving by focusing on a single analyte lead. The materials for the award winning class can be found at the above link.

House of Butterflies is a play I have written which makes extensive use of the materials researched for Sublime Lead.