Community Partners

Service Learning based on community derived samples for a single analyte instrumental laboratory

The Instrumental Class of the Loyola Chemistry Department is a Member of Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning (AECLP)

Loyola students, Sylvia Tracz, Kathleen Hannon, and Stephanie Marxer bag soils for led analysis under the supervision of graduate student Simona Dragan.  Soils were sampled along gridlines originating at the location of the incinerator.  The predominant wind direction was toward the northeast.  Soils showed a Gaussian distribution (see below) of lead decaying with distance from the incinerator as predicted by air dispersion models.  The highest soil lead content was over 4000 ppm.

Citizens for a Better Environment
Northwest Incinerator Study of Lead Dispersion
This study won an Anheuser Busch National Award

Centro Sin Fronteras &
Rudy Lozano Magnet School
          5th Grade after school science club
          Lead in community park

After School Action Program:
         5th Grade after school science club:  Lead in
          house Dust

Bethel New Life
Brown Field analysis for lead

Year 2000
         Orozco Elementary School in Pilson
        5th Grade science project
         with Rachel Barry